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Founded in 2017, Art Explorers is the destination for quality art at reasonable prices. Our Artist’s Hub harbors artists careers, spreading profits fairly and providing the means for wide scale recognition at no cost to the artist. We intend to bring modern art to the general public, who has been ostracized by the art industry for too long.

Art Explorers is focused on international growth, and we support local communities with meaningful relationships to ensure success with our staff, our artists, and our customers.

By the artists, for the artists.

Explore Art with us.

Our Story.
We wanted to bridge the gap where local and international artists can connect, share their unique work and have an awesome platform to display and sell their art.

In turn, you are able to explore a world of talent right at your finger tips.

Our Vision.
We are a team of creative visionaries looking to showcase local artist and talent work on a grand platform. Supporting local talent and providing quality products through digital prints, photography and canvas.

We at Art Explorers are looking to revolutionize the way art is shared, expressed and bought. Join us.

Our Mission.

Our mission is simple. Provide and connect everyday individuals from all walks of life to local and world-renowned artists and their art pieces.

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